Products - 3/8"(10mm)

 AIIP recycles the construction wastes to produce environmental product that can be reused with high advantage                        


  • Surveyor for wall and mosaic tile industry.
  • Backfilling and wrapping of Pipes

Product Approval

The recycled aggregate compete with the virgin aggregate price though it is not less quality or efficiency. All of our Products are approved by Ministry of Public works, and many other Ministries and other authorities after passing the necessary inspection in accordance to the specifications approved by Public Authority For Industrial in State of Kuwait .

Product Quality Control

The Company keeps always good relationships with many of the governmental laboratories such as Kuwait university and Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR) in purpose of guaranteeing the quality of our environmental products in addition to make inspections on the samples of recycled Aggregate in the private laboratories as:

  • Inco - Labs
  • Sematco Company for Soil and engineering materials inspection.
  • Itco Laboratory

AIIP headquarter has a laboratory for inspecting and testing the samples and quality control of the product, whereas the inspections will be made periodically by specialized technicians of our stuff, and comparing these results with the governmental and private laboratories to ensure good product quality.