About Us

Arab International Industrial Projects Company (AIIP) has been established in 2005 as one of the Kuwaiti primary environmental company specialized in treating and recycling the construction waste at the level of the State of Kuwait and the Middle East.

Arab International Industrial Projects Company (AIIP) was awarded the recycling project with the BOT System in the cooperating with Kuwait municipality represented by Environmental Affairs Management in conjunction with the State Project Sector at Ministry of Finance.

AIIP use the latest international technique under the supervision of professional team specialized in the field of recycling the construction wastes to maintain the best development. The outcome of the recycling is considered as a local product approved from all relative governmental authorities.

AIIP have approved a developed aims and strategy, and integrated solutions for the projets of the construction waste control. This effort will preserve the environment and take advantage of the recyclable materials to enhance the industrial projects as well as opening new prospects of economic. The strategy includes many factors which can be applied for finding the integrated solutions for removing the wastes in cooperating with governmental sector.

Our Version

Looking forward for leadership in the field of recycling the construction waste and build proper basis to protect Kuwait environment.

Our Mission

To solve the construction waste problem in the state of Kuwait by using the most advanced scientific technology to reduce the lands used for backfilling the waste in order to maintain clean environment and save lands for useful future projects.